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The 11 Most Popular Sports In India Today


We are today going to be looking at ‘The 11 Most Popular Sports In India Today’. India is home many different sports across the country, some sport only being played in certain areas. Football, or the American term for it Soccer, is a popular sport in some of the Indian states.  But over the past 20 years it has seen a huge increase in popularity. The country has won eight Olympic gold medals in one of India’s favourite sports, Hockey. India has won medals in world championships in badminton, Kabaddi and hockey. Kabaddi, a local sport, which is popular in the rural areas of India, and India has won all the Kabaddi World Cups to date. It has been said that games such as chess and snooker originated in India. But by far Cricket is the most popular sport in India.


Below is the Top 11 most poplar sports that are being played in India today. 

1. Cricket

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indian cricket team


2. Football / Soccer,

indian Football team


3. Hockey,



4. Wrestling,


5. Badminton,



6. Athletics,


7. Tennis,


8. Kabaddi,

women Kabaddi


9. Chess,


10. Table Tennis,

indian-Table Tennis


11. Basketball,




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